Shaping the Future of Standardization

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It was the German National Committee’s intention to significantly contribute to the IEC’s relaunch into the future by hosting the IEC General Meeting in terms of the claim “Connecting Communities – Reinvent Standardization” and also particularly by the Reinvention Laboratory’s conception.

And thus the IEC General Meeting, which was very successful for all parties involved, came to an end on October 14, 2016. A first highlight of the day was the IEC Council Boards’ Open Session, at which the fundamental aspects and the results of the discussions in the Reinvention Laboratory were summarized. Meanwhile these results have been summarized under the title “Frankfurt Agenda” and were forwarded to the IEC as a contribution to help form the future of standardization.

Summary of the Frankfurt Agenda

1. Expansion of our Organizational Structure
The IEC should create open platforms for networking of interest groups and manage the collaboration with other SDOs and consortia in order to play a leading role in the standardization of future cross-domain topics.

2. Evolution of our Tools and Processes
The IEC, as the home of industry, should provide future-oriented digital standardization processes and tools.

3. Innovation of our Portfolio
The IEC should develop itself and the whole community to become the leading provider of digital standards and services.

4. Development of our new Business Models
The IEC should closely collaborate with its national committees to jointly develop new business models for the profitable marketing of digital standards and services.

5. Strengthening of our Conformity-Assessment Services
The IEC should expand its platform for globally acknowledged conformity assessment systems in close cooperation with international and regional regulators such as WTO, UNECE, the EU Commission and others.

6. Preservation of our Core Values
Digitalization will not call into question the established values of standardization. Creating international safety standards is a key task of the IEC and will be a key task of the IEC in the future.

Those trendsetting core ideas of the General Meeting 2016 will be a substantial element of IEC’s new Master Plan, which is expected to be released in 2017.

(Full Version of the Frankfurt Agenda)