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TC of the Future uses examples to provide insight into the DKE vision of what market-oriented, future-proof standardization processes will look like in the future: Innovative and state of the art forms of documentation and communication allow both technical experts and standardization novices to collaborate in an active and goal-oriented manner.

Transparent operating processes and optimized documentation allow all interested parties – whether they are experts, novices or merely curious – to immerse themselves in the complex world of standardization.

What might that look like?

Active participation from anywhere: High quality online streaming provides the basis for location-independent participation in every session. Thanks to an intuitive, easy to use and highly compatible application, you can not only view the online stream but also participate directly! From adding to the discussion to submitting comments or communicating with like-minded people before, during or after a session – anything is possible.

Not available at the appointed time? No problem, the integrated media center allows you to experience the event at any time – including a professional summary of the session.

Immerse yourselves into Future Standardization

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Any Airport. Sometime in the not-so-distant future. A fellow begins to talk.

“I always thought big changes come with a heads-up. Be it words in a conversation, memo or email, an engaging speech or the like – nonetheless haunting and memorable. A situation where you feel a thrilling sensation of the things to come. Boy, how wrong I was.

I presume, an introduction is approriate.

My name is Alan and I am the convenor of Working Group 3 of the Technical Committee 124. Over the past six months, Working Group 3 has collaboratively prepared a working draft which I am to present at the Committee meeting overseas. Well, at least I thought I was – or am I?”

“My connecting flight is canceled, hence my debaucherous lecture. And while I could be sitting here, angry at the world, at the international airline which is supposed to carry me to the TC’s meeting, the weather, the circumstances, the waste of time – to be honest, I was all that – I am sitting here, reflecting on our work. And, well, feeling the thrilling sensation of recognition. But I get ahead of myself, let me start from the beginning.”

Enhanced Collaboration and Networking

Image Online tool: future standardization
Online tool: future standardization (Bild: DKE)

“Early this year, my WG was tasked with preparing a working draft for a new standard. The work went well and we made fast progress, not least because of the fine tools we have at our disposal. I have to say, these tools are great! Less to none annoyances with the formatting, more possibilities to collaborate on important documents due to their database-supported nature and on top of that: it is all online! This allows for tremendous economical and personal resource savings and enables every stakeholder to participate in the workflow – if they cannot be present at a conference, they can participate online, before, during and after it! Due to the scalable layers of transparency it is possible to share documents and thoughts internally and externally.

Thus, the working atmosphere was mostly harmonious, although different interests sometimes caused strife. But it is so easy to work it out now!

So we met in one of those new fancy conference rooms – you know, the ones where in the morning you think you can still smell the wall colour and in the evening after a productive meeting all you perceive is what little is left of the coffee, pastries and fresh air. Anyway, the meeting was awesome! Everyone was able to participate – those who weren’t present, participated online – all were well prepared and up to date, due to the possibilities our new documentation and communication tools offer. I would assume, most of us are happy to see each other again in the future. Due to said tools I can maintain intense contact with the member of my WG and also with those of the TC, sometimes we also use the built-in-chat to talk about our private life, which is why I am convinced that the working atmosphere is as mostly-harmonious as I said. Now that I mention it, I still have to buy a birthday present for my dear colleague Judy.

Briefly put, the preparatory stage was successfully completed, the draft was sent to the Central Office of the IEC, it is available for circulation and I am to present it at the TC’s meeting.

Yes, I still am.

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For tools already at our disposal, see the IEC Public Commenting Tool. (Foto: Adobe Stock | grounder)

Active participation from anywhere

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Active participation from anywhere (Bild: DKE)

As it was clear that I won’t make it in time for the meeting, I contacted the TC’s Secretary and was made aware of the new media center integrated in our IEC working tool, which I already mentioned above. Amongst other features, like the possibility to watch the records of previous sessions, I am able to connect to the meeting via live stream. The intuitive, easy to use application allows even an old geezer as myself to participate. The interactive agenda allows for real-time feedback, bringing meaningful comments immediately to the Convenor’s attention via alerts.

After the TC’s break, I am up with my presentation. Next to my slides, the others will see me on a big screen in front of their semi-circled conference table – which by the way allows everyone to see anyone, and if someone addresses the Committee, the camera-perspective changes from the room overview to a zoom-in on the speaker, simultaneously activating his or her microphone.

Granted, I am not able to participate in all of it: The tasty meal which I see dished up in the background is out of reach. But while the others are eating and chatting, I realized that big changes sometimes materialize themselves in the progress of processes. Sometimes it does not suffice to know about features, one has to experience them, in all their haunting-ness and memorability.”

Experience first-hand the Technical Committee of the Future at the IEC GM 2016´s Reinvention Laboratory.

The TC of the future will not only use examples to provide insight into DKE´s vision of what market-oriented, future-proof standardization processes will look like in the future, the concerted aim is to make it perceptible.

Immerse yourself in the complex world of future standardization and get Alan’s sadly missed “situation where you feel a thrilling sensation of the things to come” by coming around.

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Karsten Hunger:

“Standardization is connecting experts around the world, with TC of the Future we will discover new ways of supporting them.”