Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy
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Environmental friendliness is not just a topic for poets and thinkers but key to a sustainable future. It is not just on everyone’s lips, it should be on the agenda of every responsible entity.

But how do we get there?

Renewable Energy is a growing market not least because of the tremendous benefits it offers. Sunlight, wind, tides and geothermal heat and other renewable energy sources provide energy which is naturally replenished on a human timescale and therefore infinite in its availability. Most notably Renewable Energy is key to the climate change mitigation!

Its growing importance is generally acknowledged and reflected by several political decisions, such as the German energy transition, known as  Energiewende.

Nonetheless, to be a feasible long-term surrogate, further technologies’ implementation is required. Standardization is paramount for the successful realization and unfolding of Renewable Energy, enabling synergies and compatibility.

Giddy up and shape the future!

Let’s be honest, solutions such as e-mobility only promote sustainability to the full extent as long as the production process and the product itself are based on Renewable Energy and nothing else.

Weather the storm – safeguard the future

Picture a world where the chimneys of power plants pierce the skies, emitting billows of combustible dust, drifting over the once idyllic landscape and up into the atmosphere. Rumbling thunder foreshadows acid rain. Soon the rain beats against the lightning-lit chimneys, flushing dusty residue into the ground. Animals hunch up in the nearby dying forest. A cyclist hurries home hastily.

Smoking chimneys
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Riding with only one hand, he protects himself from the heavy raindrops by holding an old newspaper over his head. Quickly the water dissolves the writing, barely anything remains readable.

Nonetheless, an attentive observer with shrewd eyes would have been able to spot the headline, International fold agrees on climate goal, and may be shaking his head in disbelief, drops of acid rain scattering around.

A world as previously depicted would never be able to reach those ambitious goals!

Luckily, the picture is incomplete. If you let your eyes wander, other types of construction are revealed. In the distance, where a refreshing breeze starts blowing away the thundery atmosphere, wind turbines reach high into the skies, rotating with majestic gentleness. On the horizon, tidal power plants snuggle along the shore. Beyond the ocean, solar panels form a sparkling ribbon by reflecting the sunlight.

wind turbines
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These and other structures are key in reaching the climate goal, ensuring a sustainable power generation with renewable energies. The growing awareness of the importance of sustainable development enables subsidies and encourages investments. Research provides new technologies and insights.

Extending the view around the world is paramount for a successful implementation. Standards and specifications develop a common language yet consider regional variation. Once isolated energy politics have to be coordinated globally. Just as international meetings promote acting in concert, standardization enables the worldwide implementation of promising and much-needed solutions.

To know more:
Image Dr. Bengt Jäckel


Dr. Bengt Jäckel
Principal Engineer (PE) – Renewable Energy
UL International Germany GmbH:

"Just within a decade photovoltaic developed from a niche product for the "green" enthusiasts to a main stream product that competes directly with the established fossil electrical power producers. This fast movement is only possible due to great achievements in research and in commercialization at the same time. Technology, market size and costs change very quickly and new challenges occur frequently. It is up to the manufacturers, research institutes and standardization bodies to work closely together to keep up with that enormous pace and to establish confidence in all segments of the value chain."

Image Dr. Gerhard Kleiss



Dr. Gerhard Kleiss
Director Global Quality

SolarWorld AG:

"Looking at impressive growth rates: We are experiencing the dawn of the century of renewable energy."