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Have you met Alan?

He procures his excitement about future standardization in his lively story.

At the core of future-oriented standardization are its people, people like Alan, people like you.

And the way we collaborate.

To coordinate our efforts across countries and continents, between individuals and institutions collaboration is essential. It requires the organization of documents, projects, communications and team members to rally around and attune shared tasks and objectives. It also demands the existence, ability and management of

  • teams and user groups (with different clearance, i.e. administrative rights, edit and comment, view-only, etc.),
  • sharing, co-editing and commenting on documents and tracking its different Versions,
  • polling and voting,
  • tasks, calendars and deadlines, corresponding notifications, reminders and
  • many more! 

At the IEC GM 2016 venue, we will guide you through the prospects of online collaboration. This includes not only a foresight of the feasible things to come – in the vivid form of the Technical Committee of the Future - you may even be able to try out online collaboration for yourself at the IEC GM 2016´s Reinvention Laboratory.

It´s time for a change – Online Collaboration is the key to future standardization

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Almost 112 billion of commercial e-mails were sent only during the last year. Although e-mailing enables us to send messages and file attachments almost instantly and by that substantially faster than by post, the general procedure remains the same: Drafting the content, attaching files or documents and sending it out. However, the virtues and prospects of digitalization are not exploited by simply digitalizing paper and its dispatch and distribution.

While this was a mere small step the giant leap for standardization is yet to take

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Imagine different international connected communities, collaboratively working on important documents, standards and specifications in real-time without the need for internal distribution, evaluation and subsequent redistribution, covering the whole process from early conception up to publication.

Online Collaboration is the key to future standardization.

By requiring less time consuming process steps as well as unnecessary parallelization Online Collaboration enhances a dynamic, flexible process with the capability to make context-sensitive adjustments. It allows a comfortable and comprehensive view on ongoing projects and their status, consequently enhancing transparency and participation. It facilitates successful standardization by saving costs and resources.

Online Collaboration means simultaneous worldwide elaboration of standards, independent of individual work habits. Barriers like check-out of documents, idle time in mail boxes and waiting for colleagues will belong to the past. Standards will be created everywhere at any time. This will revolutionize the way of working in committees and standardization as a whole.

Establishing Online Collaboration worldwide implies close cooperation between countries. For the success of this new platform its requirements should be discussed within the IEC community

Explore Online Collaboration at the Reinvention Laboratory and join the diverse discussions on 10 to 14 October during the IEC General Meeting 2016.

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Dominik Nied:

"Standardization work must be simple, fast and transparent, match modern lifestyles to ensure the support of today´s and future generations."


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Technical Manager Standard |