Work 4.0 – Virtual Reality in standardization practice


A delayed image of a pixelated face, juddery and blurred on the flat screen, asynchronous and unintelligible mumbling, accentuated by hideous howling and grinding sounds. What intuitively occurs to be a perfectly acceptable and authentic communication line to a mining outpost in another galaxy’s asteroid belt, far beyond the reach of our usual means of traveling, turns out to be the almost commonplace experience of a telephone conference with the guys next door. Dreadful, nonetheless.

Although Virtual and Augmented Reality can certainly suffer from the very same inconveniences they also offer significant advantages and benefits. Imagine the need or desire for attending a conference without the need to be physically present yourself. Apart from saving travel costs and troubles, VR enables meetings and conferences to screen pictures and documents directly on your glasses. It gives you the familiar feeling of being part of the meeting and offers the possibility to quickly jump out or into other meetings if necessary. It can be especially useful if it is necessary to assemble all team members on short notice or with little space at hand. Whether cramming 40 people in a room for ten or meeting a virtual room in the first place, VR can deliver.

On Wednesday’s Work 4.0 session you will experience Virtual and Augmented Reality at first hand. Starting with an all-engrossing keynote from a VR expert and practitioner, it will be followed up by an in-depth and graspable overview on its impact and effect on standardization.

You will be able to embark on a meeting virtually jump to other venues of the IEC General Meeting, without the necessity to stand up, except maybe out of amazement!

Join the trip into the technical committee’s future, led by our future-oriented standardization expert Karsten Hunger, and experience yourself how Virtual and Augmented Reality enhances our reality of daily work.


Karsten Hunger

Standardization Manager
VDE/DKE, German National Committee of IEC

Karsten Hunger is standardization manager at DKE since 4 years and responsible for the German mirror committees for “Electrical equipment and systems for railways” and “Lightning protection”.
He is Head of the VDE Competence Center Smart Cities and furthermore organizes the German mirror committees for this topic.

Markus Prenneis

Founder & CEO, VR-Consultant
present4D GmbH


Location: Kap Europa

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