Work 4.0 – Open and transparent communities


Right now, somewhere in a stormy ocean and against his better reasoning, a pilot tries to hover his helicopter over the stormy sea, in a desperate yet bold attempt to land on a small offshore oil rig’s helicopter platform. With an uneasy gut feeling, the emergency doctor in the rear clings to his seat, staring into the swirling sea with an idle glance, preoccupied with thoughts about his task ahead. Will he be able to perform the complicated but unpostponable surgery?

Meanwhile, on the same ocean but far away, comfortably puffing his pipe, a cable layer’s skipper contentedly watches the fiber optic cable being roped down into the sea.

In a city on the mainland, long after sundown, a young multinational health-tech company’s employee broods over his task in the basement of a skyscraper. How is the company’s smart health strategy promoted and implemented best?

Standardization connects stakeholder from various expert communities with different areas of expertise. Their seamless integration in on-going and up-to-date standardization projects require effective international collaboration in order to publish and implement useful technical standards on a global scale.

Openness and transparency facilitates newcomers to learn the ropes and ensures a fruitful and successful liaison between communities and with fora and consortia.

Tuesday’s Work 4.0 session delves into various methods which enhance our daily effort to develop the collective conceptual work into a publishable standard.

Get insights on current developments with experts from IEC’s Minutes Trial ahG 67! Meeting deliverables summarize the accomplished tasks and give a quick overview on the current status of a project to participants and outsiders alike. As such they are well suited to meet the above mentioned requirements.

Furthermore, Tuesday’s session allows you to gain a unique view on practical solutions facilitating deliberation and networking between standardization professionals, enabling novices to embark on standardization and connecting expert communities to exploit synergies.

Evolving the established communication channels into those fit for the increasing reality of interdisciplinary needs ensures a sustainable and future-proof standardization.

Guided by our well-versed and dedicated moderators Karsten Hunger and Dominik Nied, Work 4.0 participants will experience a conceivable future of standardization.


Javier García Díaz

Standards Director

Mr Javier Garcia Diaz has been Standards Director of AENOR, the Spanish Association for Standardization and Certification since 2012. Previously he was Pre-Accession Advisor of the European Commission to Bulgaria in the field of Free Movement of Goods and member of the CEN and the CENELEC Technical Boards (BT). Mr Garcia Diaz serves as a member of the IEC Standardization Management Board, as well as of the CEN and CENELEC Administrative Boards and is the Secretary of the Spanish National Electrotechnical Committee. From 2008 to 2013 he acted as Chairman of the Technical Committee Management Group of the CEN/BT and  currently chairs the CEN Strategic Advisory Group in the field of Services. Mr Garcia Diaz is a chemical engineer from the Complutense University in Madrid and holds Post-Graduates in Business Administration and Marketing Management. He followed Diplomatic Studies at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Karsten Hunger

Standardization Manager
VDE/DKE, German National Committee of IEC

Karsten Hunger is standardization manager at DKE since 4 years and responsible for the German mirror committees for “Electrical equipment and systems for railways” and “Lightning protection”.
He is Head of the VDE Competence Center Smart Cities and furthermore organizes the German mirror committees for this topic.

Karim Nazarali

Vice President, Electrical and Gas Products
Canadian Standards Association

Karim Nazarali joined CSA Group in February 2013 as Director, Electro-Technical Sector, Standards Division and was recently named VP Electrical and Gas Products. Focusing on the critical intersection of CSA Group’s standards development, testing, inspection and certification programs, Karim played a key role in their team’s exploration of new ways to facilitate collaborative online standards development, culminating in the successful launch of CSA Communities.
Prior to joining CSA Group, Karim obtained twenty-five years of executive management experience in engineering, program and business unit management by holding senior level positions at the global designer and manufacturer of space hard equipment COM DEF Ltd. and by leading global-cross function teams on large-scale projects with Canadian and international government agencies.

Dominik Nied

Technical Manager Standards
VDE/DKE, German National Committee of IEC

Dominik Nied is technical manager standards at DKE since 2 years and elaborate new methods of standardization and commentation. He is responsible for the German mirror committee for “Operation of electrical installations” and is member of the IEC SMB / ahG 67 “TC/SC Minutes Trial”.

Location: Kap Europa

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