Sustained collaboration for Industry 4.0 together with ISO | ITU | 3GPP | IEEE


Standardization of complex systems requires a collaboration within other organizations. The Internet of Things, where Smart Manufacturing/Industry4.0 will be a part of it, requires sustainable collaborations with ISO, ITU, 3GPP and IEEE. Several activities demonstrates the needed collaboration an wraps up the current status of the IEC engagements.

  • ISO | Smart Manufacturing

The need for ISO collaborations between SG8 and ISO Smart Manufacturing regarding security, outlined by a complex project example from Dr. Dirk Schlesinger, TUV Sued AG. Current and future topics in the collaboration between ISO and IEC regarding Smart Manufacturing/Industry4.0.

  • ITU | Spectrum activities for Industry4.0

The success of SG8 for the WRC-15 (World-Radio-Conference 2015) by Resolution 958 and the need now for a global IEC initiative to work on the resolution until the WRC-19, will be addressed by a keynote speech from Heimo Huhle, ZVEI (German Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers' Association). Smart Manufacturing without reliable radiospectrum won´t work.

  • 3GPP | Examination of a future liaison for the IoT

First results and recommendations will be presented by Gilles Thonet from IEC/SG9 regarding a sustainable engagement within the mobile broadband standardization group 3GPP and the working program on 5G.

  • IEEE | Ongoing Standardization for Industry4.0 M2M wired and wireless communication

Heinrich Munz, KUKA Roboter GmbH presents the Industry4.0 activities containing wired IEEE standardization and an outlook on wireless scenarios regarding Industry4.0.


Alexander Bentkus

Project manager, Moderator of ReLab session
VDE/DKE, German National Committee of IEC

Alexander Bentkus works at DKE German National Committee within Industry 4.0 and coordinates a nationwide science project regarding reliable industrial radio communication systems for the Federal Ministry of Science and Education. He holds a Diploma as telecommunication engineer and has gained over 20 years work experience at several global companies.

Haimo Huhle

Head of Technical Legislation
ZVEI e.V. and Standardisation

Haimo Huhle’s department deals with the technical legislative requirements for electrotechnical products. International standards are the preferred way to make these provisions applicable. Haimo Huhle is involved in various standardization activities with IEC, European Standardization, DE National Committee, and the European Commission.

Alexander McMillan

Principal Advisor, Global Product Standards & Regulations
Rockwell Automation

Alexander (Alec) McMillan graduated in 1968 with a degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Aston, Birmingham, England. He spent 46 years in the automation industry designing and delivering automation solutions to a variety of industries as an employee of UK, Norwegian and US companies culminating in a 29 year career with Rockwell Automation. He is the US representative on the IEC Standards Management Board (SMB) where he has been instrumental in the introduction of the IEC systems standards. Since 2014 he served as co-convener of the IEC SMB Strategic Group 8 addressing Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0. He currently serves as co-convener of the IEC System Evaluation Group 7 charged with delivering a Smart Manufacturing system proposal to the IEC SMB. He serves on the ANSI board and International Policy Committee. He is a recipient of the ANSI Finnegan Standards Medal (2007), the NEMA Kite and Key award (2014) and the ANSI Thomson Electrotechnology Medal (2016). 

Heinrich Munz

Lead Architect Industry 4.0
KUKA Roboter GmbH

Heinrich Munz co-founded the Germany based LP Elektronik GmbH in 1985 after graduating as an Electronic Engineer. In 1993 he developed the Windows Real-time extender “VxWin” which in 1995 KUKA chose as the basis operating system for all KUKA robots and acquired LP Elektronik. Since 1996 VxWin is the basis of each KUKA Robot controller. Since 1999 Heinrich Munz is working for KUKA as a robot control system architect and recently as a “Lead Architect Industry 4.0”. He also holds a position as vice chairman in the official German  
Industry 4.0 Platform initiative.

Reinhold Pichler

Managing Director SC I4.0
VDE/DKE German National Committee of IEC

The German associations bitcom, DIN, DKE, ZVEI and  VDMA founded together in February 2016 the Standardization Council 4.0 (SCI4.0). Reinhold Pichler as General Manager coordinates and initiates Standards for Industry4.0 and boundles all issues towards other global ICT-Standardization organizations.

Dr. Dirk Schlesinger

Chief Digital Officer

Since May 2016, Dr. Dirk Schlesinger serves as Chief Digital Officer for TÜV SÜD. Before joining TÜV SÜD, Dr. Schlesinger spent 11 years in several management positions at Cisco, most recently as CEO of mozaiq, a joint venture of ABB, Bosch und Cisco in the area of home automation. Before mozaiq, he was the global lead for manufacturing at Cisco Consulting Services and the Internet Business Solutions Group (IBSG). Between 1992 and 2005, Dr. Schlesinger worked for the Boston Consulting Group in Munich and Washington, D.C. – since 2000 as Vice President and Partner.

Gilles Thonet

Head of ICT Standards Coordination
IEC Central Office

Gilles is responsible for ICT standards at the IEC Central Office. As part of this role, he represents the IEC in JTC 1, the joint IEC/ISO committtee on information technology. He is also the Secretary of SG 9, IEC SMB Strategic Group on Communication Technologies, which investigates the impact of new and emerging communication technologies and trends on IEC activities.

Location: Kap Europa

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