Influence of digitalization on standardization


Digitalization is the use and integration of digital technologies into everyday life by the digitization of everything that can be digitized. It´s moving on from a trend to a core competence for every enterprise and business. The digitalization will change processes and products and provide new value-producing opportunities. The standardization communities and organizations cannot ignore this development and therefore, this session will discuss the influence of digitalization on the standardization. You get an insight where this megatrend can enhance our skills and professional abilities by the use of a digital world. This results in the main question for this session: “What influence has this new technology and how can we enhance our processes and products by the use of new technologies?”

This session is open for all interested people who want to see what is the next step in digital standardization. It is also for visionary leaders and engineers with the deferred asset and legitimate claim to develop cutting edge technology and therefore, use the supporting cast of standardization. In the short term context you will witness a great opening session to the Reinvention Laboratory with highly profiled speaker and in the long term we want to start a change in thinking about a digital standard. It will be highlighted by the use of modern OLED transparent touch panels, an interactive poll with influence diagrams and a set of contemporary talks. In the spirit of the IEC General Meeting “Connecting Communities – Reinvent Standardization” we invite all of you to join the session.


Monika Kuklok

Head of TE Industrial IoT Team
TE Connectivity

Lars Reppesgaard

Consultant and Editor/ Project Lead Digital Shift
Faktenkontor GmbH

Lars Reppesgaard is a consultant and editor at the communications consultancy “Faktenkontor” in Hamburg. Before joining Faktenkontor, he acted as a Senior Consultant at a management consultancy. Here, he provided advice on Digital Transformation to renowned companies, developed communication and content marketing strategies and lead projects in the field of strategy, communications and change.
Lars Reppesgaard is a trained economic journalist, author of the book “The Google Empire”, and a highly quotable expert on Google.
He can be found on XING; LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook as well as on the stand at home matches of Hamburg’s FC St. Pauli football club.

Dr. Andreas Starke

Manager IPR & International Standardization

Ulrich Wallenhorst

Chief Technology Officer (CTO) des Geschäftsbereichs Industrial
TE Connectivity

Corinna Egerer

Presenter & Moderator

Corinna Egerer moderates business events with confidence, poise, charm and professionalism. Equally comfortable in both German and English, her extensive experience in the communication departments of several companies has given her the skills to successfully bring together the most diverse formats and target groups.

Location: Kap Europa

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