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Meeting customer expectations

The digital transformation will also change the expectations regarding standardization. Not only faster processes and online collaboration will change the development of standards (content creation), but also faster and more flexible processing of content (content management) and a user-friendly presentation of the knowledge collected in standards (content delivery) are called for. Initiated by the expectations of standards users who, for example, demand complementary services or more efficient ways of working with standards new products such as difference versions (e.g. redline versions) or additional information (e.g. interpretations or background information) are generally introduced. New technologies such as content management systems (CMS) or XML provide the necessary basis for this. If we look beyond the horizon of what we can see today standards will have even more exciting fields of application in the future. The demand of Industry 4.0 or Industrial Internet for machine readable standards in M2M communication can be mentioned as an example.

What are your expectations regarding standards in the future? How do you want to use standards? Please send us your ideas at @DKEAktuell (Twitter) or mentioning the hashtag #CMCD #IECGM2016 and help shape the content of the session at an early stage.


Martin Danvers

Head of Technical Policy
British Standards Institution (BSI)

Martin Danvers is secretary to the UK NC for the IEC, and is the UK alternate member of the IEC SMB. He is also the UK delegate to the CEN and CENELEC Technical Boards. The background to his long and varied career at BSI was in production and editing, but he also served as an IEC TC Secretary before specialising in policy work for the past 10 years ago.

Clemens Klemm
Clemens Klemm

Young Professional, Product Manager
Siemens AG

Clemens Klemm is member of SC22E stabilized power supplies and member of the initiative Next Generation DKE – field of activity is the  implementation of modern collaborative platforms (software) in the standardization process.

Klaus-Wolfgang Klingner

Division Manager Standards
VDE/DKE, German National Committee of IEC

Klaus-Wolfgang Klingner is division manager standards and head of finance. He is involved in the developement of the product portfolio of VDE standards e. g.

Dr. Stephan Kloska

Head of EMC
Acoustics laboratories, VDE Testing and Certification Institute

Dr. Stephan Kloska is Head of EMC, Acoustics laboratories in the VDE Testing and Certification Institute and as chairman of subcommittee IEC CISPR/F for the EMC of household appliances and luminaires is deeply involved in the generation of standards and is using standards very intensive in the laboratories. He represents today the users of the standards.

Martina Rischer
Clemens Klemm

Senior Translator
VDE/DKE, German National Committee of the IEC

Martina Rischer has more than 25 years of experience in translation with a focus on electrotechnical standardization at VDE/DKE language services. She is involved in the introduction of a translation management system at DKE.

Dietmar Schantin

Institute for media strategies

Dietmar Schantin founded the Institute of Media Strategies in 2012, following groundbreaking work in media strategy and technology in a decade that brought profound changes to our industry.
He has worked with a wide range of media organizations, including the Telegraph Media Group, Ringier, the Hindustan Times, New Zealand Herald, Dow Jones and many others.
Dietmar previously served as Executive Director of WAN-IFRA, the global association of news publishers, where he was responsible for the organisation’s world-wide consultancy, training and event activities for the digitalisation of media organisations.

Johannes Stein

Head of Production
VDE/DKE, German National Committee of IEC

Johannes Stein is head of production within DKE and currently involved in serveral change projects. He was convenor of the former TC 8 WG 5 which initiated the use case method for standardisation. He was busy on national and European level for Smart Grids and Industrie 4.0.

Philipp Tschöke


Philipp Tschöke, Technical Writer by trade, now working as a Consultant for Content Management Systems and Content Delivery. 
ICMS is a consulting company for content management and is not affiliated with a specific software provider, thus focussing solely on the customers requirements.


Corinna Egerer

Presenter & Moderator

Corinna Egerer moderates business events with confidence, poise, charm and professionalism. Equally comfortable in both German and English, her extensive experience in the communication departments of several companies has given her the skills to successfully bring together the most diverse formats and target groups.

Location: Kap Europa

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