Breaking silos - The systems approach


Developing standards requires a high level of focus and expertise. To support the merging of technologies, standardization work needs a transversal and holistic approach which breaks technical barriers and brings together experts from various technology sectors.

To cope with the increasing complexity of technologies we depend on structured processes which include use case methodology and systems architecture modeling. Our challenge is to apply these new techniques to large and complex infrastructures like Smart Grids, Smart Cities and the Internet of Things.

We want to encourage using these tools and sharing best practices within the Systems Committees and the wider IEC community.


Dr. Rolf Apel

Head of Siemens Principal Key Expert Smart Grid
Siemens AG

Dr. Rolf Apel, born in 1964, is principal key expert for smart grid solution within the Siemens AG. He is head of the Technology & Innovation department for distribution and infrastructure solutions for the energy management division.
During his electrical engineering study he focused on electrical energy supply. He gained experience in the development of digital protection relay algorithms as well as in the programming of network analysis application.
After receiving his doctorate of electrical engineering he joined ABB in 1996 starting as specialist for network application. Within several network automation projects he extended his knowledge to the whole energy automation portfolio, comprising substation equipment, telecommunication and control center systems. After three years he took over the product lifecycle management for EMS/DMS solutions.
In 2003 he changed to the Siemens AG starting his career as product lifecycle manager for control center solutions. After 2 years he took over the global portfolio management department. Since 2008 Dr. Rolf Apel focuses his work also on the development of Smart Grid solutions and accts today as a “Technology Scout” for the Energy Management Division. As an experienced expert, he had been member of the CIGRE working group D2.24: “EMS Architectures for the 21st Century” and is steering committee member of the EPCC International Workshops on Power Control Center. He is German representative in the System Committee 1 “Smart Energy” as the Convener of SyC SE/WG5.
On European level he had been working in the use case team for European Union Smart Grid Standardization Mandate (M490) and is currently member of the T&D Europe Task Force Smart Grid.
Additionally he is member in several expert committees in the German organizations VDE/ETG/DKE and ZVEI.

Kim Craig

Chairman of Australian NC
HPM Legrand Australia

Experienced senior executive with more than 35 years involvement in the lighting and electrical accessories industries.
Responsible for global standardisation and regulatory policy with Legrand SA.
Active participant in Australian Standards work at a technical and governance level over an extended time period. Deep involvement with industry associations and associated lobbying and advocacy work with government, regulators and policy developers.
Australian elected representative of Standardisation Management Board of the IEC, now in 4th year of service. Effective contributor to SMB matters where the Systems approach to standardisation is assuming increasing importance.
Convenor of AhG66 – Smart Home and Office Buildings.

Dr. Eike Friedrichs


Dr. Eike Friedrichs in an expert on technical regulation and standardization working for the lighting giant OSRAM. Within IEC, he is active in TC34 (lighting equipment). He graduated in semiconductor physics and has been working in the fields LED technology and metrology of light.

Pierre Sebellin

IEC Technical Officer
IEC International Electrotechnical Commission

Pierre Sebellin works for the IEC Central Office in Geneva. He is responsible to set-up and promote the development of the Systems approach for the standardization work of the IEC. He also acts as secretary for the Systems groups currently operating in the IEC: SEG 4 on Low Voltage DC, SEG 6 on Microgrids, SyC AAL on Active Assisted Living, SyC Smart Cities. He is also Secretary of the Systems Resource Group developing Systems methodologies. He has an engineering background in automation and prior to joining the IEC, he has worked over 25 years for the industry holding management positions in marketing and R&D.

Manyphay Viengkham

Senior Program Manager
GE Digital

Manyphay (Many-) Viengkham has over 15 years of Energy Industry experience with a focus on systems-of-systems interoperability design and development using Systems Engineering concepts and methodologies. Academically, she holds a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science and Biochemistry and Masters in Business Administration.  
In the energy industry, Manyphay has working experience in a multi-service utility (Power Generation, Electric T&D, Water Filtration, Wastewater Collection & Treatment, Broadband Services) with various roles in systems development and management. She joined General Electric in 2010 as the Senior Systems Engineer within the GE Smart Grid Solutions team, Senior System Analyst/Product Manager for the Software as a Service team and lastly as the Senior Program Manager within the GE Power Generation Software Solutions organization. In these roles she has worked on leading system solution architecture, development, and deployment projects using Systems Engineering methodologies. She is also the founder of Business 2 Systems Services LLC where she provides systems engineering services to businesses across the energy industry.
In the standards community, Manyphay has contributed significantly to the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) Smart Grid mapping tool and is now involved in Smart Cities as the USNC representative to the IEC Systems Evaluation Group and Systems Committee on Smart Cities. In addition, Manyphay plays a key role in the IEC systems work as the Convenor of the Systems Resource Group (SRG). She’s also served on the International Council of Systems Engineers (INCOSE) board for several years.

Location: Kap Europa

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