General Meeting started

Connecting Communities
Reinvent Standardization
October 10th to 14th 2016 in Frankfurt

Message from the Organizing Committee

Big events normally announce themselves well in advance. This is why we are already looking forward to October 2016, when we will be welcoming members of the worldwide electrotechnical standardization community to the 80th IEC General Meeting in Frankfurt am Main – in the heart of Europe.

The German electrotechnical industry has played a vital role in leading technological progress around the world for over 150 years. Its dedication has played an essential role in developing standards which apply around the world. This makes Germany one of the key drivers of future-capable innovations. And it also shapes our role as host of the 80th IEC General Meeting.

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Our Topics

Every General Meeting has its own topics, and the IEC 80th General Meeting is no exception! We would like to invite you to take a close look at our scope of topics and discuss it before and at the meeting in Frankfurt.

Some topics are well-known, some broaden the radius of the traditional standardization environment. You might notice that there is room for your topic as well. And we would love to know which topic you intend to suggest.

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In the heart of Europe

Frankfurt is located in the centre of Germany and the heart of Europe. The city has excellent air links, being served by a large number of direct international flights. Frankfurt and the attractive surrounding countryside have much to offer in terms of culture and cuisine: from the famous Frankfurter sausage and the apple wine known locally as "äppelwoi", to the city's historical architecture, such as the legacy of the Roman era or the Paulskirche, the cradle of democracy in Germany.

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